Keswick Slade and Associates Reviews - Keswick Slade and Associates Scam or Legit

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 95820

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received numerous phone calls from a local number regarding a financial institution account change. The number given to call back is an 855 number. I requested to have information sent to me regarding this matter, they refused unless I confirmed the last 4 of my SSN. I said I would not give out my social and they hung up on me. I called back and someone else answered, she basically told me the same thing, but instead of hanging up, I was placed on hold and someone else answered and asked for my social, I refused and was hong up on. I called back insisting I recieve some type of documentation showing what this was about. The woman told me she would email me information, but no other questions would be answered unless I confirmed my social. I suggested she just let me know what this was about, and if I remember correctly she hung up again. I called one more time and received more information, it is for an overdrawn balance for Wells Fargo in 2008. I believe I closed my WF account years before then, and have spoke with WF recently regarding the recent account debacle and they assured me I have a clear record with them. She told me I could take of paying the 648.52 now and there would be no further action (or something to that effect). I told the woman I would have a lawyer contact her if the information she sent was verifiable, she continually asked for my lawyers information. I assured her I would have a lawyer contact her if the information was verifiable. She asked me if I was sure I had a lawyer. Honestly, I got a little heated, because she was asking if I was lying. Regardless of whether I have a lawyer now, or get one to look over the info they send, shouldn’t really matter. I just want to see if they actually send something. She told me if I take care of this now, I wont have to incur additional lawyer fees that would add at least an additional $1500 to what I owe. I declined, ensuring her this will never go to court. She then told me she can no longer answer my questions, she can only talk to my lawyer, if I have one. I said, that was perfect. And she hung up.

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