JW Virtual Solutions Company Name Spoofing

JW Virtual Solutions Company Name Spoofing Reviews, Check JW Virtual Solutions Company Name Spoofing Scam or Legit
Stacey –

Victim Location 68130

Type of a scam Employment

I was made aware of a job posting through Ziprecruiter.com for JW Virtual Solutions. I responded. I got an email back on 6.2.19 with interview-type questions (and a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors). I responded and was suspicious enough to include several questions of my own. They ignored my questions. They responded that I was hiring and were sending me money to buy a list of technology related items. I responded that I was no longer interested. They have been reported to the jobsite I used and anyone else that I can think of. I didn’t lose any money but BEWARE!

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  1. Thank you for your interest in this job position. All you will need to do is go through our Terms and Conditions. If you are still interested, please get back to me so we can proceed.

    Duty Station: From Home

    This is a New Job details, A payroll Assistant from home. It is a Home Base Job and you get paid $250 biweekly.
    Working Hours: You will be working 2 days in a week and 2 hours on each day.
    Your performance increases your pay.

    1. A computer and Printer
    2 EZ blank business check paper
    3 Envelope size 9/12
    4.Plain white Papers

    The above requirement is needed to get started with the job. You can get the materials at any
    Nearest OfficeMax,Office Depo and Walmart .


    * Preparing purchase orders and checks for payment ;
    * Mailing out checks to Customers and Staff.
    * Entering all cheque vouchers in the appropriate account.
    * Any other related duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Accountant.

    Note….All expenses made in the course of getting the materials would be reimbursed when you receive your paycheck. We do not provide the materials due to having some employee who ran away with the equipment in the past or who say they never received it so we can only reimburse you . Let us know if you agree with the terms and conditions, Answer the below interview questions.


    1. Two Days of the week you would like to work?
    2. Payroll Method? (Direct deposit, Paycheck, Wire Transfer or Credit card transfer)
    3. What is the name of the financial institution you bank through, so we can see it tallies financially with the company’s official salary payment account?

    So do get back to me as soon as possible so we can proceed.


    David Lee
    Head of Personnel Management

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