JoyLux, Inc. Employment Imposter Scam

JoyLux, Inc. Employment Imposter Scam Reviews, Check JoyLux, Inc. Employment Imposter Scam Scam or Legit
Christopher –

Victim Location 98028

Type of a scam Employment

I have been job searching using and was contacted via email by Joylux Inc. to directly provide my resume and cover letter. It did so and received a return email from Colette Courtion saying I didn’t get an opportunity to interview but would I be willing to be her personal assistant on a trial basis. I Googled her name and it came up as the Founder and CEO of Joylux Inc. It appeared legitimate to me, so I emailed her back and asked what the position would entail. I received a return email on July 25, 2017 stating that she travels a lot and needs someone to run errands, do some shopping, pay bills and make sure items are shipped to her PO Box. She said she would prepay me with the $ I would need to do the errands and she would pay me $400 a week for my time. She also stated that she was currently in Japan and would like to meet in person to take care of the formalities to make the position permanent. She also wanted me to send her my resume again for her records. We exchanged some minor emails which still sounded legitimate, but I started to wonder why she didn’t make the arrangements herself online. On August 3, 2017, I received an email from her with instructions and a UPS tracking number (9405501699320126451512) for the check she was having sent to me. She wanted me to cash the check and wire money to 2 places in the Philippines. Now this was starting to sound like a scam, but I decided to play it out so I could report all of the information together. I received a check (No. 89011) from Central Jersey Federal Credit Union for the amount of $2,270.65, which was mailed from Florida City, Florida. There was a tiny slip of paper included asking for a return email to be sent to [email protected] . I did not email this person. The next morning I received an email from Colette asking me to email her as soon as I completed my transactions. I have not responded at this point. Suspicious, I talked to my bank and they suggested I contact the CJFCU to verify the check. The CJFCU confirmed that the check is fraudulent, and encouraged me to contact the FTC, SCPA, my local PD and the Job site where they got my information.

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