Joseph Russo

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Steven –

Victim Location 15084

Type of a scam Romance

I met this person on facebook, he made a friend request. He just promised so much and seemed like such a wonderful man. He claimed he lost wife to cancer, worked on an oil rig, finish up job on rig an open a winery. He left to work on a so call rig in Africa, and in cab got money and credit card stolen. One sad story left to another, and the blerding heart I had started sending money to help. He kept promising to come home but needed to pay money for international taxes. He also claimed he got sick landed in hospital, missing numerous flights back to states. He also claimed he had a son that got in a school bus accident while on a field trip. His stories were so believable. I still can’t believe the fool I was! I lost so much money and put myself in a horrible place both financially, and in disbelief I feel so in love with this imposture. I am so embarrassed I could never share story with family or friends, just horrible keeping burden to self.

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