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JK Engineering & Trading PTE Ltd Reviews, Check JK Engineering & Trading PTE Ltd Scam or Legit
Neil –

Victim Location 30041

Type of a scam Employment

This was a job posting on Indeed. I was contacted for an interview thru gmail hangout, hired, but had reservations then they told me I would need to purchase equipment to work from home until there new office was ready in the north Atlanta area over the next 3 months. The next morning I received a check to cover the items. However that was odd if you are a legit Company why would you not order and ship the equipment needed. You don’t know me any more than I know you. Just the whole deal smelled fishy so I told them thanks but no thanks and that I was advised to turn the check over to my local sheriffs office and that made them disappear. This is horrible that employment sites don’t screen companies before posting as people out of work are at a low and hard time and this is the last thing they need to be scammed by some low life posing as a company and going thru a lot to make it appear legit. Thank god I was cautious enough to not go any further with this. However I am sure that if I deposited the check and purchased the equipment that the check would have not been good and I would have been out money I do not have at this time.

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