Jeffery Moore

Jeffery Moore Reviews, Check Jeffery Moore Scam or Legit
Samantha –

Victim Location 70563

Type of a scam Romance

I was on the website Scout and clicked this person’s picture. I sent a text, "Hey." We chatted 3-4 times a day everyday for a week. He asked, if I needed help. I asked what he meant. He explained, "Do you need help with money? I replied,"Not really, I’m okay. I said let me think about it." He said," I can send you $950.00 and you send $600. to my kids. They are staying in Virginia with my sister and you keep $350.00 The scammer said it will be coming in the mail on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. I received the check 3-4 days later from Fed EX on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

The check looked real! It was from *** *** ** *** *** *** out of New Jersey. Also, inside was instructions on Payment Verification Confirmation. This paper explained what to do to receive this money. It listed phone numbers, website information, and it was signed Jeffery Moore.

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