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Erika –

Victim Location 66523

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call from a (235)252-5256 saying I was selected for a free grant of $9,000 from government, if I would like to receive it call (202)643-4817. It sounded good,I called it asked for prepaid card number, bank account, or did I wanna receive cash? I said cash, I got told there was a $300 fee in three payments before I could receive it they refused to give me. Routing number so I said no this aint right and hung up. I then received two more calls that I sent to voicemail telling me that I would receive any grants from the government and I would have to pay a $900 surcharge for the cancellation the second voicemail I received stated that if I didn’t call them right back but they were taking a loan out in my name regardless

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