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Kelsey –

Victim Location 50634

Type of a scam Tech Support

July 2018 computer locked up with link that appeared to be Microsoft support for help. Called and "tech support" unlocked computer and loaded ad blocker and antiviral for "bargain price" of $700. I charged to bank card and when bank called for approval, it had been routed through China. I figured I had been had, but was too late. At least my computer was functional again….for a few months. The only thing that seemed to work was ad blocker. I changed all passwords and forgot about it. Go forward a year to July 2019. I got a phone call stating that the company had been forced to close and that my money was to be refunded. I talked to them and learned it, too, was a scam, as they made it appear that they had overrefunded money and wanted a wire return of the difference. I was lucky, as I think I caught everything before any permanent damage was done, but again, I changed all passwords and took my computer to a trusted local business for a complete wipe and viral clean-up. The man on the phone threatened to clean out all of my banking accounts, if I didn’t return his money. It was a very threatening and scary experience.

Marisa –

Victim Location 55422

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer stopped working on 8/3/18 and a Microsoft link popped up for support which I clicked on and was convinced to purchase computer support services through Itek magnet for $500 for 5 years. It seemed to be fixed and has been working until recently, so I called them again last Monday 10/29 and they made some suggestions and changes and I thought it was in process for being fixed and left it running overnight for updates and the screen was again blank yesterday morning. I then called yesterday after work to say it was not working and they were able to add some icons on the screen but I still could not open any files or access the internet. They said they would call back and never did. I tried calling several times this morning and the phone number provided is no longer working. I called Verizon and they verified it is a non working number. I then called my bank, as this was paid through them and no further withdrawals have been made and I filed a fraud report with them and to attempt to get a refund as well. When I called the B.B. this morning they said the company did not appear to be legitimate and suggested I file a report.

Thank you and I hope no one else falls for this.

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