ITB, LLC Reviews, Check ITB, LLC Scam or Legit
Jesse –

Victim Location 28002

Type of a scam Employment

My customer came into my office to tell me about this company that had contacted her to do social media contract work for them. She said she wasn’t concerned (because she is in a network that allows company’s to contact her ) until they sent her a contract without her saying she wanted to work for them. Then they requested her to send a picture of herself, all her personal information, and a W4 to fill out for tax purposes. They also told her to come to the above address in Tampa, FL to guarantee that they were a legitimate company. The sent multiple harassing emails as well as trying to hack into her email account. She came to me to make sure that the company was real, and after checking with businesses inside the office building where they were suppose to be located, we found that they were using the name of a legitimate company (ITB Captial, LLC) and their address ( just not the suite #). The company ( ITB, Capital, LLC) also stated that they had received about 20 calls in the past three days about the scam company.

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