IRS tax collector Reviews - IRS tax collector Scam or Legit

Robert –

Victim Location 79912

Type of a scam Tax Collection

An indian with the strong accent call me saying I have a wrong information on my taxas for several years and i owe money to the IRS, and 45 minutes afther they end the call the police is going to arrest me, because i never answer when they supposly try to contact me in person, now the police is going to arrest me.

afther a discusion about it they supposly transfer me with another investigator with super strong indian accent, this person seay that the only way to help me is if I pay almost 5000.00 dlls in the next hour and a half, when I answer him that I need to call my husband and the IRS to verify the information they get mad, yell on me and the and hang out,

Then i recibe another call saying i gat a lown apprube, and not need to pay back the mony.

after that i get another call with a recorder supposly from the IRS and saying I have to call back on that number, because a problem with my taxes!

All this calls are made from people with a super strong Indian accent.

Dane –

Victim Location 92832

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have had 4-5 calls where the person [male and female] tell me they have been trying to contact me and that I owe IRS for taxes and heavy penalties are pending. Sometimes there is a number to call back to and sometimes the person is on the phone talking to me.

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