IRS Spoofed

IRS Spoofed Reviews, Check IRS Spoofed Scam or Legit
Frederick –

Victim Location 34474

Type of a scam Tax Collection

they wanted me to call back within 24 hours or else be taken into "custody" by local police

Nathan –

Victim Location 32940

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I keep getting calls from a call center claiming to be the IRS. If I don’t answer a message is left there is a pending law suit and they would like to talk to me before filing at the courthouse. I have asked them to remove me from the list then blocked the first number they called from. In turn they called from a second number. I did call them back and insisted I be removed from the list. Would not let them talk. then asked them to send a certified letter if they have official business with me.

This is pathetic. A call center in India claiming to be the IRS Federal Government Agency and scamming people. I did not listen long enough to know what type of information they are requesting.

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