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IRS Imposter Reviews, Check IRS Imposter Scam or Legit
Bruce –

Victim Location 99206

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Victim was contacted via phone from a Texas number 325-305-0585, when he picked up there was an automated recording saying to call them back immediately "You have been selected for fraud by the Internal Revenue Service,". Victim called back and was asked for his name and address, when he told the female on the other end of the phone he did not believe they are apart of the IRS she disconnected the phone call and he has not been able to call them back as he believes they blocked his number.

Ashley –

Victim Location 76301

Type of a scam Tax Collection

People call telling you that they are the IRS and give a number for you to call so you can pay what is due. This happened to my elder mother. Thank goodness she was not quick enough to write the number down they gave her to call. When I called my mother, I told her it’s a scam, the IRS will NEVER call. They send letters.

A co-worker of mine went so far to take off from work and go straight to the bank and withdraw the money that he was told was due. He told the bank teller that he was told to then put the money on an Apple gift card. The teller told him it’s a scam. He then drove to the IRS, and was told the same thing.

Mario –

Victim Location 27360

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Consumer received phone call from "IRS" she was late in her payments, call this number back.


Lee –

Victim Location 11377

Type of a scam Phishing

Hi they call and say that if you don’t send the federal government some unspecified amount in unpaid taxes they (the feds) will immediately issue a warrant for your arrest. If they think you realize it’s a scam then hang up. But if you play along they will ask you to send money to DC, and to an address which is very similar to the actual IRS address. BUT it’s in the wrong state! The IRS is in PA NOT DC.

Hope this helps and keeps you safe.



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