IRP Paralegal Reviews - IRP Paralegal Scam or Legit

Jermaine –

Victim Location 80232

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got two calls from a Sarah Schraider and Allison Schraider. I did not pick up since I was at work when the calls came, also it was a very strange number from California and they left one voice mail on my phone saying that "This is the final attempt contact you… you have failed to complied to all correspondence, etc. I would like to attach your letter of intent before processing." She left a phone number of an office (did not say what kind of office) 1(855) 764 8926 and left a file number for me. I called that office number and no one picked up I left a voice mail asking what this is about, left my phone number and told them that file number they gave me earlier. An hour later there was a call back from the number 1(855) 764 8926. A male voice spoke to me, introduced himself as a paralegal, representing Check Into Cash Academic Bank, claiming that I filed a loan with them back in 2012. I said I never took out any loan and I have never heard of Academic Bank. They said it was deposited directly into my bank checking account but there is probably no record now because bank does not keep statement records for that long. I said I need more time to find more information about this with my bank because I do not know about this loan. He said you do not have time because if it does not get resolved today you will be summoned to court and if you lose you will have to pay triple the amount. I asked him which address did you send that summon to because I have received no letter/document regarding this matter. He answered "The same address you have on your driver license." I asked so what checking account are we talking about? What is the last four number of my account number and he said "I do not have that information because Chase blacked out that information from the document I have here but It will show when you get to court." So at this point things got really obviously fishy to me and I told him I will need some time to talk to people and my bank before taking action and he said call me back.

I looked up all statements I had back in 2012 and there was no such deposit. I talked to my bank and they said to report this as fraud on too.

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