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Manuel – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 32547

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Investment

For about a month or so saw this profile on Instagram. Yes maybe i should have been more cautious however with everything going on and cash is tight i thought maybe it could be legit. so then i went back on to the page to find out that she had testimonials of people stating the same girl that started following me emily campbell was flipping their money etc. it was if you invest 100 youll get back 1000. at first i was skeptical of course but not thinking that there are horrible people out there scamming innocent people in these hard times is really why i wanted to report these people. My best friend and i did exactly as they said and then they still requested more money from us, which then we refused and asked for our money back. He Mr. Carl Julien who was the "manager" stated that he was covered under the and even as far as to say if i call the police i was would be charged for fraud which made no sense to me and stated that i would take my chances because i did nothing wrong.

Today is Tuesday 12 may 2020 and this all took place on sunday which was mother’s day. I know i may not get my money back but i want for these people to be caught and charged for scamming innocent people. I just want justice brought to this situation. below i have enclosed all screenshots which i took and my best friend took as well.

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