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Kathleen –

Victim Location 43344

Type of a scam Employment

Very much like a previous scam found here, the initial email read: Dear Applicant, After reviewing your application, the hiring manager’s would like to invite you for an on-line interview for the post of Administrative Assistant. I have scheduled an online interview with you and Mrs. Rebecca Gumpher, the company Hiring Manager ASAP Via Google Hangouts. You can be interview 05-02-2017 anytime between 8 am – 5pm. The interview will last approximately an hour or less and will include a brief tour of the Pay Scale, Benefits and company, etc. You are to set up a screen name with Google hangout ( and add up Mrs. Rebeca Gumpher the company Hiring Manager’s hangout screen name ([email protected]) and instant message her for an on-line interview/briefing exercise. Please it’s very important you email back once you have completed the Task I. If you are unable to attend on this date kindly contact me to arrange a more suitable time. We look forward to see you. Best Regards Human Resources Internap Company.

I set up a google hangouts account and proceeded to communicate with the individual at 8 am on May 1, 2017 setting up an interview on May 2nd. The interview proceeded on May 2, 2017 as scheduled with the same process as described in the scam alert reported on April 7, 2017. However, in my case a different company was used; Internap, a data and cloud storage company. It all seemed legitimate, though I have never had an online interview of this caliber. Upon conclusion of the interview (all through Hangouts), I was asked to hold for about 10 minutes until the hiring crew could make a determination. When returning to the conversation, I was told that I met the credentials and was hired.

I received via email, an Employment Offer Letter. This letter included information on the Position, Cash Compensation, Employee Benefits, Stock Options, Employment Relationship Tax Matters, Interpretation, Amendment and Enforcement. A signature line was included and signed, "Very Truly Yours, Internap Company, Title: Superior MRS Adrienne Morasch. When I asked questions in regard to the software needed to do the on-line reports, etc., I was told that there was no cost to me and that payment for such software would be sent to me or deposited into my account. I did not choose to have any money directly deposited into my bank account, though it was an option. Instead I opted to have any funds sent to me in the form of a check.

I did not sign the agreement, but received a cashier’s check in the amount of $4,800.00 drawn on Legend Bank in Bowie, Texas dated 5/2/17 with the following instructions:

Hello Recipient, this is Mr. Jason Brewer, from the company’s Payment Department, you are to make a proper use of these funds as instructed by your supervisor/employer/Hiring Manager attached to you via Online. Be sure to notify me via email a full report on payment made and deposit slip, payment slip attached in documentation to the email above ([email protected]): How the funds were used as directed, Exact Date the money was used, Amount deposited, Amount sent, Money used for specifically purpose. Please endeavor to follow the instructions so proper documentation can be made to keep track of all steps, transaction and payment made to avoid issues arising. Do not shred or destroy the instructional note. Thanks for your Co-Operation, Best Regards, Jason Brewer.

This was received via Express Mail Priority 2-day with a return address: Samuel Manuel, Auto Desk Inc., 8755 Paper Birch Court, Waldorf, MD 20803. It was marked "Waiver of Signature, Scheduled Delivery 3 pm. Ship date 5/2/17, Scheduled Delivery 5/4/17 Flat Rate Env (404) 567-5567.

The label was a paper one (appeared to have been printed from a computer) and taped to the mailing envelope. I then received a text message on Saturday May 5, 2017 from Rebecca Gumpher with instructions not to send any information to the above, but instead send the banking information to her that included the receipt from the deposit, etc. When unable to reach me through Hangouts, I received a text message from 972-737-0354.

On Friday, May 5, 2017, I received another text from a different number; 551-888-1297. Hello (my name) how are you doing? My response I’m fine. Who is this? Their response; this is Rebecca Gumpher, why are you not talking online or hangout, check for your working materials was delivered to you via USPS. My response; I explained to you before that I had to go out of town. I don’t have access to internet. A USPS package arrived. Her response; Okay no problem when will you be back? My response; I hope to be back yet this afternoon. Her response: okay. then further: Here is what you should do once you get it, proceed to your ATM and have the check deposited, once deposited funds will be available for withdrawal within 24 hours of less kindly email me the deposit receipt once you are done Okay? My response: Is this a loan to be paid back once I’m working? I have not signed the agreement yet so how can you send a check to proceed? Her response: This is not loan you not paying anything back. You are required to email me a scanned copy of the deposit receipt Or take a snap shot of it with your phone once you get back for record purpose email to [email protected] You are to deduct $300 out of the check its yours for your sign up bonus. You may get a note along with the check you are not to send any messages to the email on the note there was an error there okay? No further response from me.

On Saturday May 6, 2017, another text message from same number: Hello Good morning at 11:07 am and again at 8:13 pm. I have received no further text messages nor have I sent anything further. I will be taking this matter further through proper authorities in the event that any attempt is made to scam me. I did provide information as to my address, email address and telephone number. I did not give any information as to my bank account.

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