Internal revenue service Scam

Internal revenue service Scam Reviews, Check Internal revenue service Scam Scam or Legit
Taylor –

Victim Location 33909

Type of a scam Tax Collection

These people threaten to meet with litigation and said that I need to find an attorney before the IRS puts me in jail. These people don’t even know how to speak English.n

Katelyn –

Victim Location 99202

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Got a computer generated phone call stating that they were the IRS and I was going to be sued for money that I owe the IRS. I called the number back and a person asked for my first and last name I told him how do I know you are the IRS? Why did I not get a letter in the mail? Why are you calling me from Belton,MO ? He asked me why was I calling then I said you called me, I again stated he called me then that person a male hung up on me.

Susan –

Victim Location 31204

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Voice mail was left: There was an error on the filing of my income tax & they needed me to call them back. Twice they stated they were calling from the IRS. I did not return the call. They called twice first time was 10:42 am, second time was 2:02pm. Female called both times, spoke with foreign accent.

Christopher –

Victim Location 29803

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Said I had a warrent because I owe the irs

Nichole –

Victim Location 41094

Total money lost $3,729

Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called yesterday it was close to 11 o’clock in the morning, and saying that they were with the IRS and that there was miscalculation on our taxes and they said that they had done an audit. The audit ranged from 2007 to 2014. They said the miscalculation was $3,729 and if we didn’t pay that there would be legal action from the IRS. They said that I was the primary subject and that I could get no one else involved, no third party because there would be penalties and stuff. They said this is an OIC, an offer in compromise, they more or less said if I was willing to work with them then maybe we wouldn’t have to go to this judge and jury and stuff. They were saying things like if this isn’t paid, it can cost you up to $187,000, we’ll take your home, you won’t have any benefits from the social security. If you don’t take care of this now, you could pay up to $187,000. They had me running to different stores to pick up a couple I-tune gift cards here and there, I picked up two of them at Kroger for $500 each then he wanted me to go to Dollar General and buy two for $500 for each. Then the last one was another Dollar General, they had me get 3 for $500 each and one for $229. If you add that up it comes to $3,729. That’s pretty much it. I had called guy at I-Tunes and told me to call Dollar General and Kroger. Each store that I stopped at, I had to tear the strip off the back of the card and read the number and did that at each store. On eight cards, William Brown had all the numbers on all eight cards. William Brown had a foreign accent. After that that’s when, I lost the call, and he called me on my landline and told me to go to Kroger and buy one for $2,000 and that’s when the girl asked me, she got suspicious did you know there is a scam going on. At that point, I didn’t buy those cards, but he tried to get me to. Then I came home from there, and he had called me on my landline again, and he told me he would wait for me when I came back from Kroger, and left the phone off the hook, and when I got home picked up the phone and said you are a scammer, and he said, who told you and I said wait till everyone hears about this. I hung up. 

Rafael –

Victim Location 30217

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received call from 509-383-4527 stating law suit filed by IRS and to call 509-588-7216.

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