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Dana – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 48322

Type of a scam Employment

Sent me an email requesting that I become a retail program evaluator and a letter with instructions would be included. When I received the letter it also included a check in the amount of $2,495.34, from Nevada State Bank.

Step 1. The letter included for me to text a message to (562) 606-0363, using the term "INSTRUCTIONS RECEIVED." The amount of the check included $300, which is the sum required for me to carry out the assignment.

Step 2. Deposit the check into by bank account and send another text message (562) 606-0363 after the "DEPOSIT IS MADE," along with my full name and evaluator ID number. (I have no idea what this number is supposedly is.)

WHEN MAKING A DEPOSIT AT YOUR BANK OBSERVE THE FOLLOWING AND WRITE IN YOUR REPORT: 1) Bank Name and Address, 2) Name of the bank teller/cashier, 3) How long it took to get service, 4) Customer Service Professionalism. We do not need your bank details, so DO NOT include this in your report.

NOTE: After completion of Step 2, request from your supervisor online access to submit your report. Then wait for the check to clear your bank.

3) Check your available balance after 12 -24 hours of deposit. Once funds are available, text "SUM POSTED" to (562) 606-0363, along with full names and evaluators ID number just as you did in Steps 1 and 2.

YOUR PRIMARY EVALUATION ASSIGNMENT: Your second (primary) assignment will be evaluate a product offered by waking in a retail store-outlet and evaluator ID just like you in steps 1 and 2.

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