Integral Recoveries Reviews - Integral Recoveries Scam or Legit

Erika –

Victim Location 95726

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Integral Recoveries just recently started calling me. I called them back to see what possible debt they claim I have. The lady asked for my name. She cut me off before I could say my last name, and she claimed "I have your profile right here, now give me your date of birth or last 4 digits of social to confirm". I barely finished saying the month, and she cut me off again. The lady claimed it was a CO state tax amount I owed from 2013. I never made enough money at my job in CO to owe taxes. I always received a refund. Unless you’re a manager in retail, you’ll never make enough to owe taxes. Yet they claim I owe $180 in back taxes. This is definitely a scam.

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