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Sheila –

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Type of a scam Employment

They send an offer of employment. Mine was through a recruiter.

The job is a reshipper, but they called it a logistics coordinator in the email. On the website they call it transportation assistant. They send you this.

Our web-site is: www.

We provide a new service for our abroad customers. They can buy any goods in any US online store using US prepaid credit card and our employees address as shipping address. Let’s picture the situation when person, for example in Poland, wants to purchase anything from US shop, but, as very often for now, shop delivers items only inside US. That’s why we need your cooperation. This also explains why packages will be delivered to your address, as you can see most of our clients are living abroad and they are using US prepaid credit cards to make these purchases. That’s why all packages will be on different names. I will be notifying you about the incoming packages packages minimum 1 day beforehand, sometimes you will be receiving packages without my notification (in this case you need to provide me with all the information about the package: tracking number, content, weight). Some packages require signature, others just left under front door, it is preferable to be at home for deliveries. Packages will be delivered to you via UPS, Fedex, USPS. But you will be processing it to the customers through the USPS (we provide prepaid shipping labels). *During the trial: basic salary is $2,300 plus commissions $30 for every sent package ($60 for the packages heavier than 25lbs) *After the trial: basic salary is $3,500(monthly) plus commissions (commissions paid weekly, but only after the trial) $30 for every sent package ($60 for the packages heavier than 25lbs) Salary is paid monthly, via paycheck, one month after you sent your first package, that date is also end of your trial.

I checked out the USPS about reshipping scams.

Work-at-Home Scams

Criminals post job announcements on Internet career sites offering work-at-home positions—sometimes advertised as “merchandising manager” or “package processing assistant.” Duties include receiving packages and mailing them to a foreign address on behalf of a client, using postage-paid mailing labels provided via email.

The real story? It’s a scam!

If you accept the job, you’ll receive packages containing one of two things:

Merchandise bought with stolen credit cards—the scammer needs your help to smuggle the goods out of the country.

Counterfeit postal money orders—the scammer wants your help to distribute them to other scammers.

And when you receive payment—watch out! The check or postal money order you receive are counterfeits!

So I believe this company is perpetuating a scam, but I have no proof as of yet, as I have not recieved a package.

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