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Type of a scam Tech Support

I initially bought a PC computer in August 2012 with Microsoft 5 on it. I also purchased Norton Anti-virus for computer protection. I later received two updates to Microsoft 7. At that time I made a serious mistake when reading the information about Microsoft 7 "security", I and assumed it meant my PC security so I lapsed my Norton Anti-Virus.

No problems occurred until a few months ago when I received several phone calls from an individual saying that he detected hacking activity on my computer. Since My computer seemed to be working fine I was suspicious of the call, I said I was not interested.

A week or two later when my wife was on the computer "" Face Booking "" the computer locked-up with a message on the screen saying … " please contact Microsoft – certified technician at 1-855-464-6618 due to computer hacking problems. I called the number on the screen and was answered by "Danny" (who I thought was a Microsoft representative) pointed out that my computer had no Anti-virus protection and he detected that "hackers" had been logging into my system and had been corrupting files. He stated that the company – Instant Resolve. com – would be able to " clean my computer of viruses and malware " and provide 24/7 tech support along with a monthly cleaning and computer security for the price of $199.99 yearly fee. = I took it!=

He gave me the Phone number for their billing company – ECO PRO Data Inc. (in Canada?) Tel#1-888-255-8309 – which I contacted and by Visa card paid the $199.99 fee. (Stupid?) I then called "Danny" , who verified the payment and then proceeded to spend two hours running "cleaning programs" om my computer and then loading what I assumed was security software. He notified me that the process was completed and to call – Tech support at 888-255-8309 24/7 if I had computer problems of any type. This was on 4-19-2016.

Two days ago I received a call from what I thought was Instant representative. The person who said he was Frank Chapman Tel# 1-888-307-2042 = ext 105 … said that I did NOT have any computer security and that he could offer me a plan for $400.00 per year. I told him that I had purchased a yearly plan for $199.99.

He said that was only for anti-virus scanning but not for hacker protection. I told him that the price was too high and that I would get back to him later. I realized I may have been SCAMMED. Was I???

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