Instant keto Reviews - Instant keto Scam or Legit

Tony – Mar 23, 2020

Victim Location 04539

Total money lost $198.78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In Nov. 2019, Instant Keto was advertised on Facebook.  I got caught up in the hype and clicked on the site.  There I read all the Kudos (later to be found false, and meant to commit fraud) and clicked on the order page.  They were advertising "Buy three and get two free – for $29.99 – with free shipping".  I ordered three and two free for $29.99.  I later found out that the amount they charged my credit card was $198.78, not the $29.99, as advertised.  I called but was beyond the 30 days, so no help there.  I am trying to fight the charge and have the fraud recognized so others do not get caught up in the fraud.  But, following the issue I now see that this company keeps changing it’s product name, so people can’t follow it.  It is major fraud being perpetrated.  Please help!  Being charged $198.78 is way beyond anything I would have ever paid for this product.  And, now I am finding pages on the Internet which are saying that the product itself, is not what it should be to fulfill its claim for losing weight.  I question the safety of this product.  If they can perpetrate this fraud, knowingly, then they don’t care about the people who are buying their product.  Please, please, find a way – on-line – to put this information up; so others are not taken in with this fraud.  Note: They keep changing the product name to avoid attempts to follow it and to continue the fraud.  Now its name is "Rapid Fast Keto Boost". They also fraudulently use the Shark Tank show, saying that this product was endorsed by that show, which is totally a lie. Please help.

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Joseph – Mar 10, 2020

Victim Location 33141

Total money lost $190

Type of a scam Online Purchase

These scammers make you believe they are returning your money but never do. I returned the product got an RMA they received the bottles back in Tampa but never never got my money back. Now the phone is disconnected

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