Inspection land LLC Reviews - Inspection land LLC Scam or Legit

Amelia –

Victim Location 95757

Type of a scam Employment

They will ship items to your house so you can “inspect” them then you ship them off. They will say u will get paid at the end of your 30 days.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 93619

Type of a scam Employment

I had applied for many jobs on when I received this text : "Hello ! Thanks for your resume on Indeed. Please fill out the application form on https://goo/gl/5rBHfh in order to proceed. We will reach you shortly. HR". (Today I see this site can no longer be reached.) I filled out the application. I received a call from a female explaining the job and wanting to send the employee contract. I read it over and it seemed legit except that they spelled ‘renumeration’ incorrectly three times. I signed it, giving my SSN and copy of my driver’s license. I was assigned a personal manager who I have talked to several times. They provided a link to the work portal with a password. This portal is where the work is assigned. It appears I am to pick up packages from various places or receive them at my address, then pack or repack the item and ship it out again. I have only picked up one item and shipped it out. It seemed odd but not too bad : I picked up a pre-paid item from the store in the mall and mailed it with the label they provided. However, now I have received several packages here at my address; they are addressed to different names (they advised this would occur) and I see that the ship label for one of these items goes to the same name/address as was on the one shipment I had already made but is not the name on the package that arrived. Additionally, I have spoken with the building manager at the address Inspection Land is using and was advised there is no such business occupying space there with that name or any other. In discussing with others, and reading prior scams reported on this site, I believe this is one also. I feel they are stealing identities (or at least charging illegally) and using me to ship ill-gotten goods and possibly take the fall for any illegal activity.

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