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Nikki – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 93314

Type of a scam Employment

I found the job on The position I applied for was titled "Administrative Assistant" however the position offered was titled "Escrow Assistant" paying $2500 a month with $20 bonus for each package shipped. I did feel that that was a lot for such an easy job. After I first applied, they emailed me saying my qualifications meet their needs and asked if I was still interested in the job, and I said I was. They called me later the next day and asked if I was still interested and if I had a computer. When I said yes to both questions, they said they would email me the job description and employment agreement and then we hung up. There was no official face-to-face interview or any real interview questions. After signing and sending out the employment agreement, the manager called to give me his name Kevin Nelson), and access to the online dashboard that we would use to communicate details about the packages such as tracking number, who it’s addressed to, and when it’s supposed to arrive at my house. I had to send them a copy of my driver’s license, and a W-4 and a direct deposit form. So basically, they got my address, my phone number, my ssn, and my bank account info.

(By the way, they didn’t send me the W-4 form until a couple of weeks in). The following week, I started receiving packages. All the job instructions were on the job online dashboard. I was to confirm I received a package on the dashboard and then open the box, inspect the merchandise for damages, take photos which were to be uploaded on the dashboard, and then repackage the items for reshipment. I was to remove the old labels and use a prepaid label provided by the company. These labels were addressed to somebody else rather than the initial recipient. They would have false information about me on the labels, such as my name in the "from" field with my street name but different house numbers or it would show my phone number with the last 2 digits changed. Or it would have my name along with the name and address of some business I don’t belong to.

I was to then take the repackaged items to Fedex or UPS or USPS, to ship them out to the new person on the new label. I was to get a receipt from fedex and upload a photo of it to the dashboard to prove I had shipped it out. I would then update the item on the dashboard from "received" to "sent". And then my "bonus" would increase by $20. Every time a new package was going to be sent to me an "Accept Task" button would show up in the dashboard and I was to click it to officially accept the package. I would receive things like Nike shoes (there was about 6 or so Nike shoe boxes sent), IPhones, smart speakers, household items like a vacuum cleaner or an air purifier, you know, expensive things.

When it came to payday, I didn’t receive anything. I thought, maybe the direct deposit is still processing. So I asked my manager and he said he deposited the funds and that they’d be available in a few days. Well it’s been almost a week and haven’t seen a dime. I haven’t received a response from anyone in the company in a few days either. Even if they do eventually respond to my emails, and even if they do pay me, I’ve resigned my position.and will no longer be working for them. Any packages that may still be coming I will report.

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