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Kristin – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 27845

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Calls selling drill bits & says free gift comes with them. Free gifts come but drill bits never come; but the bill does & company continuously contacts customer saying they owe money.

I am sure many people actually pay the bill . I didn’t.

Casey –

Victim Location 47006

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Rec’d a notice on Saturday stating that we “refused to pay the past due amount of $337.90 on our charge account.” (This is only notice I have rec’d) [However, several months ago they called the original number which currently belongs to someone else and he gave them our number. Someone called and attempted to get payment, but my husband refused to pay stating “you’ve got the wrong guy, I’ve never ordered anything from you” and refused to pay him.] So I called on Monday after receiving the demand letter and they said their computer was down and they would call back in 5 to 10 minutes. When they called back the call was coming from New México instead of California. I asked several questions like who placed the order, they stated my husbands name and I asked when and the person named “kelly” stated in October and I said we haven’t had this number for about 4 years. (The last 4 digits of the customer ID was the phone number) then I asked where it was shipped as nothing ever came here, she gave the address which happened to be address of the mother of the guy who currently has the phone number they called. So my first thought was that he had them send these items to him via his mother’s address and gave them our address as the billing address. I asked if he paid them anything and she stated it was sent on a 30 day billing. (Big clue) I also asked if they had a website and she said No. (another clue) I asked her to send me a copy of the bill to my email. I hadn’t received it, so I called back and she told me I needed the be patient, that it was forwarded to their customer service dept and “she” would email, I asked would that be today and she said “oh yeah” it will be today. ( never received it) So bottom line they called and got enough information to try and scam. Per bbb—this company has been out of business since at least 2017.

Cory –

Victim Location 66064

Type of a scam Other

In December 2018, even though we are registered on the " No Call List", Husband received high pressure sales offer for drill bits along with several complimentary gifts. After several refusals and hanging up, the representative called again "begging" and offering a discounted, no obligation trial period and if not satisfied, return bits at no cost and keep the free items, Husband said " man I don’t want your stuff." Representative then called again telling me that my husband wanted to try their drill bits and he needed to verify our mailing address. Nothing was received. On February 11th, I received a "Past Due" notice from Inland Empire Industrial Supplies, Inc. Recovery Dept for $324.40. Not knowing who this was or what it was for, I called the number and they told me it was for drill bits that we ordered and received and they would be happy to take my payment over the phone by credit card or check. I told them we did not receive anything or any invoice and again they requested my payment info. I excused myself from the call to verify with my husband that he did not receive the bits. We did find the unopened box located behind a table outside with an invoice for a lesser amount. I called them back and they said that was a late charge. I explained to the "very sarcastic girl" that we had not found them until now and asked for a trial period or removal of late fee. She said, "no way, not our fault, you should know should know better what’s around your house!" She then asked for my credit card info and email address. I told her I would I would not be paying and would return the product, she said not possible due to time frame. She continued with telling me I was "stupid" and should "step back", that it would cost over $30 to return and I should just pay the $24.50 late fee. I disconnected the call. Approx. 10 min later, I received a call from male representative who offered me a $30 credit if I would pay the $324.40 to him with cc/ck at that time. I declined to give info and offered to mail a check if it was approved by my husband, he said no checks by mail, electronic only. They are very intent upon getting your personal info including credit card, check routing/acct and email address. I believe they send these cheap sub-standard products just to get your personal info, they don’t seem to be interested in customer service or repeat business. Definitely mistrust this company!

Ronnie –

Victim Location 37175

Type of a scam Other

Call from sales representative promised a "free" trial of a Complete Set of "Superior" drill bits plus some "Free" items. Free return us not 100% satisfied, Complete Set of high quality superior drill bits. Price was quoted at under $200.00. Items arrived by UPS without an invoice or return Label. Received a small box (29 bits) of inferior drill bits, a pair of gloves, plastic eye protection, and a bottle of Tough Touch. Not worth $25 let alone $314.25

Received the items on or about 8/18/2018 via UPS without an invoice, contact information, or a return UPS label.

on 9/18/18 received a Please Pay Promptly notice for $314.25. The Sales Rep called on 9/24/18 demanding payment of the past due amount. I requested a return label to ship the items back and he hung up on me. I contacted their customer service department on 9/24/18 via email. Also called. No return call. SCAM

Anna –

Victim Location 04761

Type of a scam Other

This company contacted me via phone wanting to send me industrial supplies to try and purchase if I liked them. I declined and now I am getting letters stating that I own for supplies I never received and they keep threatening to send my unpaid account to collection. Beware!

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