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Johnathan –

Victim Location 84065

Type of a scam Tech Support

I bought a new printer and the directions said to contact set up at…so I did and when they hp page came up it directed me to a technician who proceeded to TRY and hook up my printer to my computer. After a short while he told me he was unable to connect the two because my computer was compromised with outside people who had hacked into my IP address and my computer was not safe. He showed me all the things in my computer that were wrong…which I did not understand…he remotely was in my computer working it. His team could clean it all up and put up a fire wall for future safety…well this sounded ok to me….for a large fee…what? They wanted me to pick between3 plans and tried to get me to buy the most expensive one. I told them I had Mcafee security on my computer and they said it was no good for what problems I had. I have not sent the check yet and am going to get with mcafee to see what they have done to my computer. I hope my private accounts have not been compromised. I was suspisious of this interaction right after I committed to the plan. Came to this site and saw INFINI has also scammed someone else…..there has to be more than us. When they called me this morning to see if I had put the check in the mail I became very worried and have been stressing!!!!

Nicholas –

Victim Location 53144

Total money lost $739.98

Type of a scam Tech Support

On July 26th, 2017, I received a message in my Yahoo e-mail account telling me that a virus was found in my e-mail account. A few minutes later a person by the name of Jack introduced himself as a Technician for Yahoo and wanted to know if I saw a message telling me that there was a virus found in my e-mail of my Yahoo account? I told him that I did. He then explained to me about this program called 360 Total Security that would be very effective with protecting me with viruses, malware, and phishing scams. I heard of this program and I gave him the OK to install it on my PC and I would pay for the lifetime fee of $524.99.

It was on December 19th of 2017, I received several phone calls and several voicemail messages from Jack on my iPhone that my computer could be infected with viruses and that he needed to check my computer. He did the same thing as before and explained to me that the registration key was corrupt and to get a new key and keep the 360 Total Security running I would have to pay $214.99 after I yelled at him and told him I could not afford another $524.99. I was reluctant but payed by check.

Now, it’s February 2nd, 2018 and I received a phone call from Jack again with same old scenario and this time he said it will cost me $214.99. I told him I cannot pay that much money because I am unemployed. He then said he talked to his supervisor and said that he can bring down the price to $139. I told him that I could only pay $100 or less. He then told me he would take to $100 and told me to write a check and send it to INFINI 37 NORTH ORANGE AVE, STE #500 ORLANDO, FL 32801. I have not sent the check yet.

I did some research on the internet and found that 37 NORTH ORANGE AVE, STE #500 ORLANDO, FL 32801 is a Virtual Office:… The phone number that Jack told me to call if I have any questions is 1-888-201-1887. I did find some information on this phone number on this website: According to this website I found two comments about this number:

Recent comments about 1-888-201-1887


This company popped up a fake tech support message in Facebook on my wife’s computer a year ago saying it was infected and to call Microsoft Tech Support. They tricked her into thinking they were Microsoft Tech Support and she paid them and let them remote into her computer and said they were cleaning up the infection. They called back, and I chewed on them until they refunded the money, but I completely erased her computer and reinstalled a backup. They had the nerve to call her again today to try to sell her their tech support services. DO NOT LET ANYONE TRICK YOU INTO REMOTING INTO YOUR COMPUTER UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE IT IS A REPUTABLE SUPPORT COMPANY AND ONLY WHEN YOU ACTUALLY SEEK THEIR SUPPORT FROM THEM. BEWARE OF FAKE SITES TOO. EQUIFAX JUST ACCIDENTALLY STEERED VICTIMS OF THEIR HACK TO A FAKE 3rd PARTY SITE.

Call Type: Scam

Sep 22, 2017

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