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Kristen –

Victim Location 07079

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On 4/5/19 at 3:22pm I received a voicemail message from someone claiming to be from Independent Services and that this was my "final notice", despite not receiving any calls from them previously. At 3:29 I called the number given (844-808-0807) and provided the reference #*** and spoke with someone who later identified himself as Kenneth Archibald. He stated that I owed a debt and that unless I agreed to payment terms a Sheriff’s office would be at my home tomorrow, 4/6/19. I explained that I had not received any phone calls or letters from the company to substantiate their claim that they have attempted to outreach me. Kenneth confirmed that they did not send any letters certified mail to verify I received correspondence. I attempted to get details of the debt and when I asked for them to send me verification of the amount owed, Kenneth became argumentative and essentially stated that he did not have to provide that information. He then suggested I contact Milestone. He then instructed me that the Sheriff would be at my home between 12-4pm tomorrow and to be there with ID then said he had to disconnect the call. I called Milestone at 3:50pm and spoke with Joyce who informed me that they no longer had my account and to contact Cuzco Capital at 877-407-7876, which is a number for Verizon. I called back at 3:56pm and spoke with Maude who confirmed the number. After researching the internet I found a number for Cuzco Capital (516-717-4499). No one answered and the voicemail box was full. At this time, I cannot confirm who rightfully owns the debt or verify the amount owed. I don’t appreciate Kenneth threatening me with the police coming to my home and am pretty sure that’s illegal.

Angela –

Victim Location 60620

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A lady by the name of Tama Dawson from Independent Services indicated that the police were coming to my job within 24 hours. They referenced a number 2406508. They called me, *** ***, I am a senior and these people are calling me unnecessary.

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