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Maria –

Victim Location 85746

Type of a scam Other

The rep said for me and my mother to [censored] off and hung up. Urban ignorant and totally rude, threatening to press legal actions when family member has checked to see if any claims are said to be against her and there is none. Still call my phone even though they are aware I am not who they are looking for. If they are a legitimate establishment their actions and shady information shows those rude girls do not need to be in society scamming peple

Roger –

Victim Location 90706

Type of a scam Debt Collections

In House solutions called my husband 3 times, threatening him with a summons and also threaten to call HR about 2 cases. I called back and some lady started talking really fast to confuse me and then she hung up on me.

Clayton –

Victim Location 90020

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Today, I just received a call from Inhouse Solutions. I spoke to Alison Kelly, Heather Lang and James Taylor. These names are aliases used, and not their birth given names. Unprofessional, rude and wouldn’t answer my questions regarding holes in their claim. The wrong employer was given, and when asked to provide documentation regarding their claim, they tried to divert the question with threatening tactics . Heather Lang hung up on me when I started asking questions. I called back and spoke with Alison Kelly, she was nice at first. When I started asking questions, I was passed to a Sr. representative "James Taylor", who just kept reiterating their threatening tactics. He asked me what is my intent, I replied "When the correct information is provided and document for my review, I am more than willing to discuss this matter" call was then terminated. I called back, Alison Kelly then placed me on hold, Heather Lang came back on the line and basically told me she wouldn’t provide the needed documentation or information I’ve requested. I am going to speak to my attorney "I work for a law firm". This company has no core values. If anyone has contact information on senior management, please respond to this testimonial/post.

Amanda –

Victim Location 12083

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received numerous nasty messages on my voice mail. They never leave a company name – only a "Case Number". Every message has a different Case number. After 6 nasty messages, I picked up the phone to speak with "Jason Long" from "In House Solutions. He stated that I have a $15k outstanding debt with Citibank. He wanted me to verify all my personal information with him – Which I DID NOT. I told him to verify the info he had with me. He has my DOB and SS…. but wrong address… I told him to verify his information with Citibank – because I have never had that large of a debt with any credit card. He was very rude and told me that he already did verify the information. And if I didn’t comply it would result in further action against me. I said OK. do what you gotta do and hung up.

Meghan –

Victim Location 33407

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They keep calling telling me about an account and saying that I have to pay them $1000 or something. They curse at me, they laugh and joke, they threatened me and told me that they would find me. Don’t trust them!!!

Larry –

Victim Location 30345

Type of a scam Debt Collections

these people have called my mother who is 74 years old twice a day for over a week looking for me trying to collect on a over 8 year old past the 6-year-old statue of limitations credit card debt. my lawyer called them they refuse to give out info most would give, like fax number and address.

i know for a fact last payment was in 2009 and that this debt by law in Georgia is time-barred debt. they use a robocaller. won’t send validation of debt. hateful people that lower themselves to name calling. i was called a name and the guy used profanity and hung up when i said id record the conversation. in ga it only takes one person to consent to call recording. they keep asking for an address to serve me papers in person i refuse i know the laws. if they choose to serve me over time-barred debt i have a law firm in place to counter sue and tape recordings to present..

Marvin –

Victim Location 44306

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I contacted the real in house solutions and they told me that it was a scam. And they real in house solutions said that they are a software develope company.

Corey –

Victim Location 66223

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called and left a message from a pre recorded message to call. Once I called back they said they had my name, address, and social security number and that I owed a debt from January 2010. they claim they are only the middle person hired by the loan company as a last resort to collect instead of going to court. I asked for all documents be emailed to me or sent to my attorney. they said they could not nor did they ask for my email address or my attorney’s information. I immediately contact the BBB.

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