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Terrance –

Victim Location 92211

Type of a scam Tech Support

Agent identifying himself as "Sam", Sylvester Joice Peterson, Employee I.D. RSALES5397, Transaction I.D. 367935798102 was "cleaning" my computer under shared control attempted to "update" my MacPro of some "new" update, but the attempt he claimed was not doable so he offered to return my service contract price of $186.99. In order to do so, it required signing on to my on-line bank account which I did with some skepticism but was able to see my checking account balance and last on-line transfer to my account which was supposed to be $186.99. But what I saw was a credit (bank transfer) of $10,000.00 with a new balance reflecting that deposit. He apparently "recognized his error" and with some anxious tone of voice asked me to buy Apple gift cards in the amount of $8000.00 at the local Apple Store "in order to save " his job, which I attempted but the debit card transaction was rejected by my on-line bank. At that point I asked confirmation of the $10,000.00 bank transfer to my account as well as the new balance but the transfer had not been done. At that point, a second Apple store assistant, presumably a supervisor of the sales person with whom I was dealing, informed me that I should be very suspicious of the transaction because there had been a run of Apple Card purchases for that very scam and the number of cases was increasing. At that point I informed Sam of SupportTeq by phone that I would not proceed further and that he had attempted to scam me and that the transfer had not actually taken place. After multiple attempted calls to reach me, they finally stopped. I also contacted my bank and changed security measures and stopped activity on my account for a certain time period.

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