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Benjamin –

Victim Location 32408

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A gentleman by the name of Steven Taylor from a company called Impact Remediation left a voice mail message for me in reference to my (my husband’s name and case number). I called the number back from a business land line rather than my cell phone. I spoke with a woman named Kendall and also a woman named Tanya Walker who looked up the case from the number I had from the voice mail. They put me in touch with the original "case manager" Steven Taylor. This company had the last 4 digits of my husband’s social security number (as I tried to give them a false one to begin with). The claim was that my husband owed $1,600 from a pay day loan he’d taken out with a company by the name of Cornerstone Partners in 2012. Because I’d already Googled the phone number prior to calling it back, I knew that a number of other people had encountered this number and the person calling had claimed there was a debt from pay day loans in the same year. When I confronted Mr. Taylor about the matter, he became defensive. When I asked about being accredited with the BBB, he got even more defensive and I hung up. He immediately called my husband and tried to get the money from him, telling him that he would surely face legal trouble. My husband suggested talking to a lawyer and Mr. Taylor wished my husband "good luck with your legal issues" and hung up on him.

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