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Illinios energy solutions Reviews, Check Illinios energy solutions Scam or Legit
Hector –

Victim Location 60076

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Utility

This company is a COMPLETE ripoff! I signed up for this program three years ago when I moved into an apartment that I had to pay heat for. With Chicago winters, I was afraid my heating bill was going to be outrageous so I found this company to do a budget plan with. I was able to use my heat as much as I wanted without worrying about a high charge. Each year at the end of my contract my renewal amount went up. I did not think anything of it because I just figured it was due to me using the heat a lot during the winter months. Just this past July, I decided to check my original gas bill just to see the amount difference. I nearly fall out my chair when I saw that my original bill was only $26 BUT under this program they took $103 out my account! So I decided to look at the winter months and to my surprise NONE of my bills were over $100!! NONE! So this company is pocketing my hard earned money! I was sick to my stomach. I can only imagine how much in total this company been pocketing my money. My renewal was up in October and I couldn’t WAIT to cancel. When the young lady asked me why I was cancelling, I gave her an ear full. She had nothing to say but ok and finished my request. That’s because they know it’s a scam! I am planning on finding away to sue this company due to overpayments. If they would’ve lowered my payments each year due to my over payments, I would’nt be filling out this complaint! Sicking how a company can be ok with pocketing so much money each month. And just think of all the other clients they are truly taking advantage of.

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