Ifone.com/ Kunshan Aunbox Software Co. Ltd. Reviews - Ifone.com/ Kunshan Aunbox Software Co. Ltd. Scam or Legit

Richard –

Victim Location 72019

Total money lost $45.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Somehow my text thread with my son on iMessage got deleted which deleted a lot of photos which were attached to my iMessages. It is a computer program that is supposed to recover deleted data photos and iMessages. I did everything the website said to recover them they were deleted yesterday and it didn’t work it gave me an error said to contact them. Only method was email. They have not replied. I am out $45.95 I want a refund have disputed the transaction without any reply. Am told I have to wait even though they charged my credit card. I immediately requested a refund as soon as I ran the program A third time at which time was given an error to claim tact them I did I emailed with no reply. It says it is free but after you download that then it says oh if you want to retrieve the data you have to pay so I did that and it didn’t pull up the photos or messages. So I was fleeced.

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