I can read books

Jerry –

Victim Location 36117

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 3 or 4 small children’s books from a third party website stating that the books were free for the first set just pay shipping totaling about $5. This is also advertised on the website of the books as well. Once I realized I was being charged for a third time and this time 5X the amount of the first I called the number on the site. I was simply wanting to clarify charges I was receiving on my account that I was never aware nor informed via confirmation email or anything. I began to ask the lady that answered why did I receive a second and third charge when I haven’t even received the books yet. She told me I should have read the terms and conditions and there’s nothing they can do because I didn’t read them. I can cancel now but nothing can be done as far as refunding. I tried to explain to her that the website I began on and their website did not state anything about a “trial” or a “membership” she began to get louder and even more rude and repeat that it was in the terms and conditions and they can’t issue everyone refunds if they’re not doing their part because the company did their part in providing the terms and conditions. So after arguing and eventually speaking to someone else because the First Lady had absolutely no understanding of what I was trying to say, I asked the second woman I spoke to if I can have a copy of the terms and conditions sent to me. She told me no. I asked a couple more times before hanging up about my “subscription” that I never signed up for being cancelled and she said yes. (Both of the ladies are rude the entire time)

After hanging up I begin to search other ways to reach maybe someone higher up or that actually cares about the company. I found a Facebook page and once I clicked on the community tab it was FULL of other people begging them to stop charging them and asking them why are they still being charged. Stating that they’re not sending emails or providing ways to unsubscribe. Quite a few people got lucky like I did and found a number just to be disappointed at the rudeness given by the “customer service reps”. I know these are real books and I bought them because my daughter loves them but this company using these books to scam people is ridiculous and something should be done. They make it virtually impossible to complain on them because all the emails and phone numbers are going to the same careless “customer service reps”. There are several people on the Facebook page desperate and wanting to figure something out. The page is called “I can read books”

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