HSBC Imposter Reviews - HSBC Imposter Scam or Legit

Michelle –

Victim Location 90032

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

Condensed Version…

I received several emails from a "Dying" widow living in the U.K. wanting someone to handle her millions after her death and "Make Good Use" of the funds. After I was sent forms to sign by a "Bank Manager", I was told it would cost $2,500 to open the account then there would be $7,350,000.00 deposited into the account for me. I gave them no money, told them I was disabled and on a fixed income with no money.

After a coupe of months, I was told that all fees were waved per request of the dying woman who was now in a coma. The funds were deposited into my new account and available to me. I was given an account number and passcode. I went to the website for online banking and there was an account with my name on it with an available balance of $7,350,000.00. I tried to transfer a small "Test" amount from the account but a COT (Cost of Transfer) code was required to transfer funds. This code would need to be purchased for $2,900.00. None of these funds are accessible unless thousands are paid up front. This just isn’t the case with a legitimate bank.

Amber –

Victim Location 99201

Type of a scam Debt Collections

HSBC says I owe 2,000 dollars, but I don’t.

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