HP Invent Support Reviews - HP Invent Support Scam or Legit

Chase –

Victim Location 03102

Type of a scam Tech Support

I went online to search about solutions regarding my HP Envy 7640 not printing. They were the first website to pop up. An online chat pop up named Kathy and she asked how she can help me. When I told her about my issue, her responses were "I see". She asked for my phone number and my name. An Indian "tech support" called me and told me that he was from HP support and that his name was "Andy". Andy asked me to download a screen mirroring GoToAssist–I have used this app before from legitimate websites. He checked my laptop and asked me how old my macbook laptop was. He also started going through my tabs and I told him I can delete them and he said "no" and that he can do it to and to never touch the cursor. He went on my terminal and started going through the codes. He showed me some established foreign IP addresses that tried "hacking" into my laptop to gather all my personal information. In addition, he showed me that "A trojan horse found…" on my laptop. I started panicking, and he asked me why I was panicking. He stated that he was my friend and that he will be there for me. He asked me if I know about Trojan Horse. I told him that I studied it back when I was in fifth grade in my computer class. He insisted that it might be the Trojan Horse in Greek Mythology. He then went on my internet browser to show me what Trojan Horse was. He searched the definition of a Trojan Horse via Wikipedia. He said that only hackers can remove the Trojan Horse from my account. He kept asking me if I ever been on dating websites or gambling websites, and I told him no. He then put me on hold to speak with his supervisor, and I was on hold for a few minutes. Andy came back, and he said that there will be a technician who is certified with Apple products and Sysco. That was when he started giving me an installment amount about security for my laptop. Mind you, he only told me to turn my printer off, and turn it back on after 10 seconds. He never asked for my printer model number or anything. When he started giving me my "options" for my computer safety, I told him I had to go. He said, "you’re really going to risk your computer being hacked and all your personal information being taken from you?" He also said that it would only take ten minutes to finish this. I told him that I am not willing to pay. He said that I did not have to pay yet and that I can pay via check. I told him I had to leave, and he asked me if he can call me back. I told him no, so he gave me his phone number.

I had a friend check my terminal, apparently, he implanted the words "A Trojan Horse was found…" He also did not know that the foreign IP addresses were from Apple.

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