House of Smooch or Haus by Ottilia or Smooch by Ottilia

House of Smooch or Haus by Ottilia or Smooch by Ottilia Reviews, Check House of Smooch or Haus by Ottilia or Smooch by Ottilia Scam or Legit
Meghan –

Victim Location 30324

Total money lost $126.72

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased swimsuit off the scammer’s website. The site claims items should arrive within a month. After a month I follow up and let them know I need the item by x date. They assure me they will ship by y date. Two days prior to the ship date I email them (they have no phone number listed) and confirm they will still be shipping by y date. They say yes, and I am pleased. 3 days after x date (the day I was supposed to receive my order) I email expressing my concern that I haven’t gotten my order and that phony shipping notification they sent didn’t have any tracking info. NO response on email, so I DM on Instagram.

This is where it gets weird.

The "owner" claims to follow up with her assistant for the tracking info, but if they don’t have it she will make me ANOTHER swimsuit that night, and overnight it in the morning. That makes no sense, I had so many questions (where was my original order? why has it been 2 months and i still don’t have my order?) that were left unanswered. But I remained optimistic because I had expressed several times this was for my bachelorette party, and it was very important. The next day I asked again, where was my tracking number since she said she would be following up. She apologized and said she indeed, had to make another swimsuit and was going to send me the tracking info later.

OF COURSE THE SHIPPING INFO NEVER CAME. So, I started looking online for information about this website. I found similar stories to mine and after that, I called my bank to open up a claim.

Long story short – this scammer needs to be stopped. What type of person lies over and over if they have no intention of fulfilling your order? Just be honest! This "business" needs to be shut down!

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