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Hitchins Service Garage Reviews, Check Hitchins Service Garage Scam or Legit
Sophia –

Victim Location 41132

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Other

The owner of the service garage in Hitchins, Ky (41146) promised to fix our vehicle on a few weeks basis. He was paid $600+ For the work. We also purchased all the parts, and the oil that would be needed. Months went by. Everytime we would contact the owner (and the machanic) Ronnie Bond, he would tell us "it’ll be done in a few days" or "this weekend it’ll be ready forsure". It wouldn’t have been so bothersome if we weren’t the FIRST to bring in our vehicle and we saw many others go in and out after us. He wouldn’t even work on ours. After months we went and picked up our vehicle to bring it and do it ourselves or to find someone else’s work. He then made a promise to give $150 back of all the money we paid for him to do nothing and to supply out oil back. (When we went to get out vehicle he had used all of our oil on other peoples vehicles, that WE PAID FOR) he said to give him a few days to get the oil back and the money. A week has passed and we just called and he and his wife was very rude. They told us "I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THIS [censored]quot; And then they hung up on us.

To me this is very unprofessional and if you have a business and don’t want to do your job, you shouldn’t have a business…

I hope something is done before others get in the same situation.

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