Head Bakers Of NY (constantly change their name)

Head Bakers Of NY (constantly change their name) Reviews, Check Head Bakers Of NY (constantly change their name) Scam or Legit
Colin –

Victim Location 11212

Total money lost $55

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I inquired with this business on June 3, 2016 about a cupcake order for a Christening, at the time their name was topbakers_ofny . After quoting me a price via direct messaging they informed me that they accept payment via Western Union and inquired about PayPal, they replied saying that they no longer use PayPal because of a dispute where a PayPal representative said derogatory statements regarding them being a black business. I initially declined to proceed with the order any , but they later messaged me saying that I could transfer half of the payment via Western Union and pay they rest when I pick up the order. Thinking that they were willing to work with me , I obliged and transferred $50 + the 5.99 transfer fee to Ravon Mclean . THIS IS THE SCAM!! They do not have a storefront and the pick up location was some seedy area in the Bronx. After having second thoughts I tried to cancel the order 2 days before pick up and they did not respond back to me until the day before I was supposed to pick up and never gave a clear answer about whether the order was cancelled and if I could get my money back. After receiving a missed call from them I called back and they stated that I can not receive a refund and that I can use the money towards another order. I hung up in frustration and they blocked me and changed their Instagram name shortly after. In retrospect the picture on their page are all fake with next to no comments thought they have 11,000 followers. I went against my better judgment by sending them money via WU and by the time I came to my senses it was too late.

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