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Latasha –

Victim Location 98671

Type of a scam Employment

email correspondence, led to background check, phone interview (brief) then received the below email.

I’m uneasy with this and something doesn’t feel right. I saw another report on same company, so reporting again, to alert in the event it is an actual scam.

received today via email:

You have successfully passed the hiring process! Therefore, we warmly

welcome you to our company. As a part of Hartmann Logistics company,

you’ll be working with industry leaders to exhibit excellence in all

you do and to attain the highest level of customer service for every

client. You will find attached to this correspondence a Pre-Employment

Agreement. This Agreement ensures that once you have successfully

completed your one month period of part-time employment with us, you

will then be eligible for long-term, full-time employment.

Upon successful completion of your one month of part-time employment,

a full-time agreement will be offered and you will begin to receive

your new salary and commission rate. Please make sure to read the

Pre-Agreement very carefully, as it contains important information

relevant to the position.

Please print and sign the last page of this agreement, or sign via

e-signature, and be sure to return the signed last page to me. As part

of the long-term employment contract agreement, you will receive a

corporate credit card and a W2 form; this will be provided to you in

person after you are invited to come in for a face-to-face meeting a

few weeks from now (after you have completed most of the one month

part-time period).

Mr. Terry Peterson will be sending you an email tomorrow, so please, be

sure to keep a lookout for it, and to check your spam mail folder, just

in case this email is routed to a folder other than your inbox.

It is very important that you send a confirmation email to Mr. Peterson

immediately. This important email will contain your training materials.

Here is a rundown of what to expect during the first few weeks after hire:

• Week 1: This first week of training will get you up to speed on

basic theory. By the end of the week, you will be able to understand

and manage some theoretical situations. You’ll also be contacted by

our Senior Project Manager, Mr. Scott Morgan who will have some

additional paperwork and trial projects for you to complete.

• Week 2: You will continue to work on trial projects and additional

theoretical materials. During this week you will also receive an iPhone

and your first commission.

• Week 3: More work will be done on trial projects and you will

continue with more theoretical situations, work, and materials. You’ll

receive your second commission during this week as well.

• Week 4: You will continue to work on trial projects and additional

theoretical materials. You will receive your third commission at this

time. Your salary, in the form of a check for $3000 will also be issued

to you at this time.

Please remember these two very important things:

1. Be sure to sign the last page of the attached Agreement and return to me.

2. Keep an eye out for an email from your Training Manager (Mr. Terry Peterson)

tomorrow morning (1/22/19). Be sure to confirm your receipt of this email.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Michelle Martin, HR Manager

Hartmann Logistics, HR Department

New York City, NY Division

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