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Luis –

Victim Location 32301

Type of a scam Employment

I have posted my resume on several job sites in search of employment. I was contacted by happywrapus via email and telephone about an at home job opportunity. The job was a gift wrapping packer/ inspector position. I filled out the job application, signed a contract, and provided my drivers license via email prior to starting. They setup me up with a panel where I am able to track items, view their description, print out shipping labels, view my income, etc. Being that I was new I would get paid after completing 30 days (probation period). They sent boxes of wrapping items- gift wrapping paper, boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, bows, streamers, tape, basically anything needed to wrap and back gifts. They began by shipping items to my address to inspect, wrap, and ship the slowly progressed to pickup task where I would go to various shopping places- Best Buy, Home Depot to pickup items, inspect, wrap, and ship. Through the process I was constantly in contacted with John Demetro (manager). When it comes close to payday I contacted John about payment details just for confirmation. He gives me brief details on how I can be paid, check, direct deposit and HR will contact me. I was never contacted by HR or John again after that point. I have reached out emailed and John and the company multiple times. I have called the company number multiple times before getting in contact with someone. Explained my issue and was told someone will call me back 15-20mins later, which didn’t happen. I called them back and went through the same process. When I finally go a hold of someone and explained my issue once again the phone was hung up in my face. I have tried calling several times but the busy/disconnected dial tone appears. I am also no longer able to log into my panel. Have kept copies of invoices, receipts, and shipping labels and still have the wrapping items in my procession.

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