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Mandy –

Victim Location 32931

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called at my work (I never give out that number) by a "Freddy Gonzalas" of "Cr Services." He had a heavy Hispanic accent. He said that my ex-boyfriend had written a bad check to a veterinarian office in FL called "Animal Services" , and I owed Cr Services over $200 as collection. Years ago, I had a joint account with my ex, but that was closed long ago. "Freddy" claimed that my ex had written this joint check for medical work done on our dog on July 31, 2016. There is no veterinarian by that name in the town which he named. When I told "Freddy" that I wasn’t going to pay any money to anyone until I had solid evidence and confirmation that their story was true. Freddy told me that there was a "warrant for (my) arrest" for the bad check and they would follow through with it if I didn’t pay in 24 hrs. I continued to argue and question him for details. Suddenly, a woman’s voice (sounded like she was talking from in back of a room, instead of into the phone directly) came on and she began arguing with me, telling me that I needed to"respect" her or she would not "give Mr. Gonzalas permission to accept a payment plan" from me and she would call the police to have me arrested. I continued to argue with her, so she gave the phone back to "Freddy Gonzalas." He said that he was going to email me a "notice" from the veterinarian, which I could take the police to have my ex arrested on fraud charges. (Yes, they expected me to believe that I could do that!) I told "Freddy" that I was not sending him a penny, but i was going to investigate his allegations by personally stopping by the TD Bank which he claimed the check was drawn on (I have never had an account with TD Bank in my life) and visited the alleged veterinarian. He suddenly began to back down when I told him that I had no idea who he was and that I would be an [censored] to give any money to a random phone caller, esp someone who threatens to have me arrested for not doing so! "Freddy" gave me the two phone numbers listed above to call him. He knew my email, mobile number, address of my ex, and my work number. When I asked how he got my work number, he only replied, "Oh, I have my resources!" He claimed that the vet sent the bad check to Cr Services, which is an "insurance" carrier for the vet. Cr Services paid the bounced check, and now I and my ex owe them that amount back. Of course, there is no vet to begin with! I have blocked all numbers.

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