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Patrick –

Victim Location 53562

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I have been receiving several phone calls a day in regards to lowering my credit card. I usually ignore the calls, but they are getting pretty annoying when I am at work. I decided to answer today and asked to be placed on the Do Not Call list and I was told that there is no such thing. The man was very rude and was actually yelling at me about lowering my credit card rate and that there is no need to contact the since they won’t be able to do anything for me. The phone numbers that have been calling me just for the month of August are – 217.958.4652, 702.714.7260, 701.948.3764, 701.948.3764, 706.444.6376, 465.294.7431, 580.200.0905, 534.429.0788, 702.359.4395, 534.429.0815, 262.331.8038, 561.229.1252, 561.210.9573, 205.221.3461, 406.554.3731, 320.207.5909, 442.201.3335,

Christina –

Victim Location 85282

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Credit card services, reduce interest on your account. I have no credit card.

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