computer maintenance company Reviews - computer maintenance company Scam or Legit

Rebecca –

Victim Location 27517

Type of a scam Tech Support

This company has an automated voice that says it " belongs to XXX ( not clearly spoken) computer company, and that I had signed up for a maintenance contract, which they can no longer provide service for, because they have been forced to close. They would like to give me a refund and I need to call them back". I do not have any outstanding maintenance contracts on my computer, and the recording offers no option to talk with a real person. I won’t call them back, for fear of being caught in a long-distance phone reversal scam or a request for my bank information. My Missed Caller details say this is a WA U IT number ( or some initials like that) , whatever that means. I hope someone in the will call them back and trace their details. I am also very curious about how they got my ATT business phone number, since I have not given it out to anyone! Many thanks if you are able to save someone from being entangled in this dubious request for a return call. Pamela

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