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Ana –

Victim Location 35756

Type of a scam Debt Collections

There have been days that I have been getting calls from this number listed above. I blocked the old number when I would answer and get a message that stated that there was a problem with my checking account and that its security has been compromised, I knew right away that was not true and blocked the number. Today, June 30, 2016, I was riding in my car and a number from Alabaster showed up, so I answered,the message stated that there was important information about my bank account and to press one to speak with a rep., so I did knowing this was a scam but wanting to end the calls, a lady immediately answered the line and started spouting off information, I had not given my name or who I was, instead she told me my full name, a social, a date of birth, and then quickly spouted out that this was in regards to a bad check ten years ago written on behalf of Colonial Bank to Winn Dixie, I listened and at this point knowing it was a scam offered no further information, the lady became belligerent when I told her that this was a scam and that none of the information she had was correct, she went further to state some other personal information that was private from many years ago, this concerned me, so I immediately told her that I would be turning this information over for scam fraud.

Consequently, she began to scream and curse at me and I hung up. Upon arriving home, I called the credit reporting agencies and reported that my identity had been stolen and that I needed a fraud alert put on all my credit sources, and then I enrolled into credit monitoring through Transunion. Research on the internet proves that they are doing this repeatedly and I have seen where they have two or three peoples private information. I do not want anyone else to fall pray to this.

Candice –

Victim Location 38141

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Representative by the name of Jeninfer Bureck called both me and my father. They harassed the both of us starting that I owed nearly 3000 for committing fraud with one of my former bank accounts. She said that a warrant would be issued out if I didn’t pay by 4:00pm and my license will be revoked. After asking for more information and contacting my bank the lady did not want to further communicate with me. I immediately assumed that this is a fraudulent call.

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