Cellix Bio Reviews - Cellix Bio Scam or Legit

Miguel –

Victim Location 91356

Type of a scam Employment

A guy named Lupe Fernandes reached out to me using my LinkedIn account. He told me that he is a recruiter at Cellix Bio, (https://www.cellixbio.com), willing to hire me as a remote graphic designer for $**/hour! after an online interview he sent me the job contract and paper works and also needed my W-4 form which I didn’t send him. After he got my signed contract and driver licence (I sent him wrong informations) he sent me a fake check from a company calls, Integris Project, LLC for $*** to purchase software and equipment. He asked me to deposit it to my bank account, which I didn’t but I told him that I did. He asked me to send him a screenshot of my mobile app, making sure that the money is available in my account, I sent him a wrong screenshot! Then he asked me to go to Wallmart and purchase an Itunes gift card then send him a picture of the gift card info and security code of it to confirm my purchase for their document date base! I refused to do so and I told him that he is a scam and blocked him.

I am willing to iscuss this farther and provide our entire conversation to make it viral and inform other people to not fall for abusers like him.

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