Caplan and Acker Reviews - Caplan and Acker Scam or Legit

William –

Victim Location 67460

Total money lost $874

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They called me and told me that I was approved for a up to 3,000 dollars and they me since my credit is bad I am going to have to secure it with three options paying any where from 450.00 dollars to 800.00 or get a Co signer so I told the woman on the phone and her was Amanda *** that I would do the 450.00 so she sent me the loan agreement to my email. I looked at them and they look legitimate and then looked them up online and they had a legitimate Web site. So I called her back and told her I would like to proceed with the loan so she tells me how to send it through western union gave me the information so I sent it and I called her back with the tracking number she told It would be 1 hour to hour and half then she will be calling me back… So waited almost 2hours and I gave her a call back.. Then she told me that the would be released the next day at a certain time. The next day came and I called her and she tells me that a I have to send another payment of 360 because her manager my credit score keep dropping and that brings up some red flags so that’s why to send the money. So I did and she called me back and gave me another guys extension number so I called him and he said that there is a problem with trying to direct deposit the money on to my card so I would need to pay a 325 clearance fee at that time I got mad and told him no then he said I can get all my money back but I have wait a month to get it and told me to call him Monday and told him no we are going to get done today and I want my money back today and he hung up on me.

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