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Nina –

Victim Location 36609

Type of a scam Debt Collections

"Eric Brown" called my daughter, my husband, my cell & my work. Said he was trying to serve a summons to my home. He told me if I called the company they may cancel the summons. I asked him who he worked for & he got rude & said I already told you. I asked again & he said Alabama State Processing & Summons Division. I called the company. Spoke with "Derick". Gave him the case number. He said that I agreed to pay money I borrowed. That I had committed fraud & would be charged with a felony & would have to appear in court & pay a large fine. But if I paid some money in good faith that they could drop everything. I asked him who I owed money to & for what & he got aggressive and threatened me with jail & fines & that I had no other recourse. I then told him our conversation was over. He said who else would you talk to? We’re attorneys. I said my attorney & hung up. Then "Eric" called me at work again. Got stern with me & told me I needed to call Caldwell & Assoc. I told him I did & that he needed to stop calling me. He said he would come to my work if he had to. I hung up on him. He called again. I told him to stop calling & harassing me. He got aggressive with threats of jail & arresting me. I hung up. He called again & immediately started trying to intimidate me. I told him to stop calling me. He said what are you going to do? I said I already called the police & hung up. He hasn’t called me back. They knew personal information.

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