Bradford Exchange Reviews - Bradford Exchange Scam or Legit

Cheryl –

Victim Location 79313

Total money lost $37.78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In 2017 I ordered a Snoopy calendar from Bradford exchange. I didn’t from them until December of 2018. All they sent me was a bill that said I had to pay half to get the item. So I sent half the money to get the item. After I sent half the money, I haven’t received the item or heard from them. Well not to long ago I start getting collections on me because I didn’t give them the other half of the money. I never had a second bill sent to me for the other half nor have I ever received the merchandise I order. They want all the money but don’t want to give me the merchandise like they said they would, and the agency they have the collection in won’t quit calling me. I’m not going to pay anymore money to someone I haven’t gotten anything from. They won’t quit harassing me. I have tried to email and call them to results this but my emails are not answered and call just get hung up on.

Tara –

Victim Location 91350

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Bradford exchange sent me junk and then a bill. I filed a complaint with you and they stated they would leave me alone and still haven’t…now they have sent me to "collections" and this is a scam.

Bridget –

Victim Location 34275

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Bradeford exchange send us an ivoice for a product we never ordered.

In fact we never shopped at this online store and they sell stuff that we will never buy. Not out taste.

Every word in the invoice reaked of a scam,

It is signed by richard thomas director of the board of governors…

Really? Im not sure if this scam is coming from the bradford exchang or some other scammer that is using thier name

But they ask for a check to thier name. So maybe that gives me the answer, how the give this firm an A+ is hard for me to figure out,

Especially with the tons (and overwhelming)of bad reviews.

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