Birchbank Finance Reviews - Birchbank Finance Scam or Legit

Leah –

Victim Location 22601

Total money lost $1,822

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I receive a approve loan with birchbank finance the agent Alex Brown, birchbankfinace wanted me to send 4 payment western union an money gram after that Alex Brown connect me to spoke to someone infinance her name is ms.shoemaker she state i need the ins which was more money I said No to give back my refund Ms.shoemake state it take 14 to30 days to get my refund, well it been over that time, try calling her an Alex Brown they never answere the phone can you help me get my money back thank you

William –

Victim Location 89503

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

On 10/11/2017 I received an email from Nadine Shoemaker a loan consultant from Birchbank Finance saying that I have been granted a loan approval of $8,000 and that I need to contact her directly at 1-888-217-5895 Ex. 206.

I contacted her the following day 10/12/2017 and she explained to me about the loan, and the collateral payment of $634. I told her to email me the information about the loan, so she emailed me contract . I contacted her again the following day to get more information about the optional $1500 insurance that was on the last page of the contract and she told me that I didn’t have to get it because it was optional.

Before I emailed the signed contract and copies of my personal information ( drivers license, social security, voided check and pay stub), I did some research on the business / company and it looked legit real.

On 11/2/2017 just like Nadine told me to , I send the $634 via western union to Amanda Riley in Canada . Two hours later Alex ( customer service manager ) called me and told me that they couldn’t give me the loan unless I paid $750 (1/2 of the $1500 insurance ) and the other $750 was going to be waived and it was 100% for sure that I was going to get the loan in my account in 4 hours. I send them the $750 more to the same person and 2 hours later Nadine called me back to tell me that I need to pay the full $1500. From that moment I knew that it was a scam , so I contacted her back furious and told her that I wanted my money back now and her response was that they were going to send a check to me in 30 business days.

Julian –

Victim Location 32773

Total money lost $1,481

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I’m currently a single mother of 2. I applied for a personal loan and soon got an approval letter. I called back a few days later and went through the process with BirchBank Finance. I had to send 1St 4 payments of $634 to Claire Reid in Maple, Ontario Canada. I then later got a call about securing the loan of $750, I had to send the money to the same person. I was upset and skeptical but still proceeded with the process. I was told I will get the money in my account later that day. I never received the money. I never received a confirmation number.

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