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Cassandra –

Victim Location 14150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I visited the website in search of a puppy on 11/11/19. The prices shown were unbelievably reasonable and were advertised at 50% off. This raised a red flag to begin with. I emailed them using the website to which I received a phone call shortly after. The person I spoke to was difficult to understand. We had a brief conversation and I ended asking about delivery. He responded they "ship" the puppies overnight for $180. I told him I would talk it over with my wife. On 11/12/19 I emailed them once again with a few questions.

How old is the puppy?, How do I arrange payments?, Are you registered with the AKC (the puppies are advertised as AKC), and where can I pick them up if I want to drive. I asked him to reply via email with no response. I asked again later in the day via text to reply to my email. No response. In the mean time I tried to find out more information on the company with no luck. I did see the area code 859 is from Kentucky.

This morning I texted to inquire about their location and got the response they are in Oklahoma. I told them its strange since the area code is in Kentucky. They said they moved. Part of that text is attached. As you can see he doesn’t have a command of the English language.

Given the price, reluctance to email answers to inquiries, and deceptive area code I believe this is a scam. At the price they are asking the puppies would have been sold immediately.

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