Benny boston terriers Reviews - Benny boston terriers Scam or Legit

Dominic –

Victim Location 53405

Total money lost $4,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Monday 2/11/2019 I had purchased a puppy name rocky from them for $750. The next day I get an email from currier company HI-SHIP that I would to upgrade the puppys crate to a heated crate. Which I didn’t understand why the breeder didn’t provide. But went and took out money for the crate $1250. Later Tuesday night I get a call from the currier and text from breeder that puppy can’t be delivered because of the snow storm. So I get told 1:30pm Wednesday I would get the puppy. That time came and went. I messaged the breeder and then was informed the insurance lapsed on the puppy. The breeder want me to help pay $2500 but I refused too pay for that. So then I was told the dog would be delivered at 7:00pm Thursday. Thursday at 3:30pm the breeder texts me saying I need to change the name on the money order because the other person was not working that day at currier company. So I was trying to fix this but they would give me the wrong name a couple of times and it took like 2 hours to fix but was able to fix. Then I was told it was to late to process the paper work. So the dog would be delivered Friday at 4:30pm. Friday came then I was informed because the puppy was from out of state I would need to get a permit. I googled and could not find anything about a permit. So then I would need to give the currier company $2500 for this permit. I did then was told again the paper work needs to process. I didn’t receive the dog again. Then was told Saturday at 4:00pm. Then I received a text form the breeder saying because both mine and the breeders refund is more than $5000 now I would need to purchase a refund card. I googled again and couldn’t find any about a refund card. The currier company then calls me and says it only can be purchased through them for $3500. I have no more money to give. The breeder and currier are now threating me with abandoning the puppy if I don’t get this card. But was also told I would get that money back for the card and permit and heated crate and also the breeders insurance money. Please help ME!

I need to find out if this is real.

Thanks *** ***

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